Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Founded in 1890 by Alexander Graham Bell, the association offers members a wide range of programs and services and provides to all inquirers information on a vast array of issues pertaining to hearing loss. The Association’s strength is in its diverse, collaborative membership of parents of children with hearing loss, educators, adults with hearing loss, and hearing health professionals.
Online Hearing Test

If you suspect you have hearing loss in one or both ears, or any problems with your ears or hearing, we strongly recommend that you see a hearing healthcare professional. Although this written test is based on common audiology beliefs and principles, it is not a substitute for an actual hearing test performed by a licensed professional. This test is offered to you strictly as a guideline to help you determine whether or not you are experiencing signs and symptoms consistent with hearing loss. We recommend that you print this test and your responses and review them with your hearing healthcare professional. NOTE: This test is not yet “normed” and has not yet been statistically validated. We hope to have that accomplished very soon and we will update the scoring categories as soon as possible.

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