About Our Clinic

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions a hearing impaired person can make. Since a hearing aid cannot be prescribed like eye glasses, proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the professional selecting the instrument.

We test your hearing, select and dispense the hearing instrument best suited to meet your needs. We offer support and counseling to help you in getting used to new hearing systems.

Protecting your hearing can make a big difference. We can help you protect your hearing from further deterioration through education about what affects your hearing, as well as the proper use and care of hearing protection devices.

About Hearing Loss

The loss of one’s hearing is usually caused by nerve or inner ear damage. Congenital defect, injury, disease, exposure to loud music, medications or age related issues can cause one to lose their hearing. With the help of surgery or a device the sense of hearing can be restored.

Our Services

A wide range of hearing health care services are available for individuals of all ages. Our professionals are skilled in the areas of adult diagnostic procedures, hearing aid selection and provision, assistive listening technology, listening skills related to learning disabilities, and development of effective communication skills through aural rehabilitation.

We offer a complete in house repair lab to repair hearing aids often the same day.

  • Hearing assessment
  • Hearing aid prescription and fitting of the full range of hearing aids including digital technology
  • Counseling and rehabilitation for patients and their families
  • Assistive listening devices for telephone, television, and public areas
  • Evaluation and treatment for tinnitus
  • Swim molds, ear molds, and noise protectors

We value being a part of the local Greenville, NC community and believe in treating our patients like family. We know that every person has different needs, and require different levels of support, which is why we are readily available Monday thru Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm to answer all of your questions and to help you on your journey to better hearing health.

Doctor’s Hearing Care Center is part of the Hearing Health USA network of healthcare providers, whose patient promise states: “We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of hearing healthcare and to guide each individual through their journey to better hearing.”

Meet Our Providers

Marla Harris H.I.S

Marla is an Eastern North Carolina native and has worked in the hearing care industry for 15 years. She is licensed as a Hearing Aid Dealer in North Carolina. She works primarily in our Washington, NC office. She is good at all facets of hearing aids and shows care in her hearing aid delivery. She is very down to earth and will bend over backwards in order to satisfy her patients. She loves helping others to hear better!

Christopher Cisterna